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The Role of School Trustees in Manitoba

The Manitoba Public Schools Act describes the essential and the voluntary services provided by school boards. Elected by citizens, School trustees provide leadership and decision-making functions for Educational leadership within a School Division. The integrity and expertise of Trustees is imperative to operating safe, successful schools where students can excel, and where the specific needs and gifts of particular communities can be addressed and celebrated. Whether or not you personally interact with schools in our community, it is important community voices are heard and systems are designed in relationship, at all levels of government.

Because of her Master's-level scholarship in Educational Administration, and her unique experiences as a teacher and parent, Rebecca is able to gather and interpret challenges and opportunities at school, administrative and community level, and work within the confines of Provincial regulations to explore and implement creative and high-performing solutions within Education.

Our community's strength and future is our children. They deserve to be celebrated and have their diverse needs considered at every level of Education, ensuring success not only for them, but for all.

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