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A Teacher

Rebecca is a High School teacher and teacher-leader. She is the Indigenous designate at her school, proudly ensuring Indigenous graduates are honoured with culturally meaningful practices and working to ensure an equitable learning space where all students feel valued and challenged in their learning.

A Parent

Rebecca is a parent to three young children, and step-parent to a young adult. Her 9-year-old son lives with Autism, and Rebecca is acutely aware of the opportunities and strengths of Winnipeg School Division in providing inclusive and meaningful education for all students. Having completed her Bachelor of Education degree while growing her family, she is aware of the importance of daycare and parental supports in our community.

A Scholar

Rebecca has completed all related coursework for a Master's degree in Educational Administration and is now writing her thesis. Her studies have included courses and research in Educational Reconciliation, legal aspects of Education, and educational finance. She has further researched and written about issues of equity and inclusion in schools.

A Community member

Rebecca has been a volunteer board member at Young United Church, West Broadway Community Organization, and West Broadway Community Services. She believes diversity strengthens community, and in designing spaces where all may feel safe, and all may grow.

A Union Executive Member​

Rebecca serves on the Executive of the Pembina Trails Teachers Association (Union). She values and demonstrates attentiveness to frontline worker innovation of and establishing effective communication strategies within hierarchies to serve all levels of the organization.

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